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A Windermere Sunset

A Windermere Sunset

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One to One Adobe Photoshop CC Course for Photographers

One to One Adobe Photoshop CC Course for Photographers

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Location: The course can be given either at Keswick or Preston
Max Attendees: 1

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I’m a big advocate of getting the image right in-camera which is something I always teach on my courses. However, sometimes what you see when you upload an image is not exactly what you remember seeing at the time that you took it.  This may be due to camera limitations or incorrect settings which were not obvious on the small LCD display of your camera.  We can use Photoshop techniques to correct these problems and fine tune an image to produce the image that was intended.
JPEG, the file type that beginners most commonly use, has a limited amount of options for amending and improving your images. Most DSLR and bridge cameras now have RAW capability (NEF/CR2/ARW etc…) but most people don’t use this as they are not sure how best to amend these files post-capture.
A Raw file contains 4 times the amount of data than a JPEG file. This data can be used initially by the RAW Converter within Photoshop to fine tune your images. You can then use the amended file to make further changes within the full Photoshop application.
This course is aimed at beginners who have either never used RAW before or have limited knowledge on the subject.  It is primarily aimed at bringing back an image to how you remembered it was when you took it. It is not for people who want to completely change an image to something that never existed.

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