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Coyote hunting near Fountain Flat Drive, Yellowstone NP

Ref: UP-WILD0045

Coyote hunting near Fountain Flat Drive, Yellowstone NP

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Location: Fountain Flat Drive, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

We were travelling down towards Old Faithful when my wife, Sheila ‘Binocular Woman’ Lawrence, spotted this guy darting about in the long grass catching his dinner. And very good he was at it. He caught several little creatures and ate them whilst we watched on. I couldn’t believe how close he came to us. Unfortunately, a small crowd soon gathered as was usual at Yellowstone. If you see someone stopped by the road in a lay-by with binoculars trained on something you just have to pull up behind them to see what they are looking at. It all became too much for the little guy and he retreated into the distance, but only after we’d had a great time watching him sneaking about and jumping on his prey.

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Canon EOS 5D MK3 100 - 400 mm ISO 400 F8 1/2000th Sec

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